• Jeffrey Warwrecker

    I have been thinking that i should make some Profile pictures not only for me but everyone else,

    If you would like me to make a profile picture for you, fill this out

    NAME: -- Name of your pirate --

    LVL: -- Lv of your pirate --

    FAVORITE COLORS: -- Your 3 favorite Colors --

    Version: -- Pick either regular version or alternate version, New kinds of versions will be out soon. PICTURES BELOW.

    EMAIL: --Your email here, so i can send your new profile picture --

    Put your filled out form in the comments section


    • You should get your Profile picture after a day of placing your order.*

    • If you would like a new profile version you may make another order*

    • Maximum Profile pictures for 1 order is 3, if you would like to get 6 profile pictures, make 2 orders wit…

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  • Jeffrey Warwrecker

    here are some of my made up drops

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  • Jeffrey Warwrecker

    Navy Admiral - lvl 43 - 50

    Navy Commodore - lvl 36 - 42

    Navy Admiral Bosses

    James the Terrible - lvl 45

    Sir. Geoffrey Letos - lvl 40 - 44

    Navy Commodore Bosses

    Theodore Groves - lvl 35

    George the Unknown - lvl 35

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  • Jeffrey Warwrecker

    NAME: Jimmy Legs

    APPEARANCE: Flotsam / Molusk

    WEAPONS: Dagger, Cutlass

    LVL: 50

    HEALTH: 336,257

    DAMAGE: 1000 a hit and if you lucky 800 a hit

    SPAWNING POINT: Tormenta Shipwreck

    LOOT: Only drops cutlasses, highest chance of getting the lost sword, Thunderspine sword, Blade of the abyss

    NAME: Pacifico

    APPEARANCE: Thrall Captain

    LVL: 44 - 50

    WEAPONS: Cutlass

    HEALTH: 98,578

    DAMAGE: 338 a hit, if blade storm 579 a hit

    SPAWNING POINT: Thrall Hall

    LOOT: Random

    NAME: Crash

    APPEARANCE: Seabeard

    WEAPONS: Cutlass

    LVL: 39 - 45

    DAMAGE: 438 a hit, if Blade Storm 660 a hit

    HEALTH: 150,678

    SPAWNING POINT: Thrall Hall

    LOOT: Random

    NAME: Koleniko

    APPEARANCE: Urchinfist

    WEAPONS: Grenades

    DAMAGE: 500 a hit

    HEALTH: 50,890

    SPAWNING POINT: ? ? ? comes out Rarely at Thrall Hall

    Loot: Random

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  • Jeffrey Warwrecker


    June 18, 2011 by Jeffrey Warwrecker

    Will there be another Story quest on POTCO like Raven Cove Story Quest?

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