3D, Outdated?

Screenshot 2012-04-04 12-49-44
When playing Pirates, I decided to take a closer look at the 3D options that Disney offers to their players. After struggling to find a pair of old movie theatre glasses i played for an hour or two and decided, it was outdaded! These old methods of bringing you a 3D immage is not only slightly painfull to your eyes, but also hard to use.
Its not as simple as clicking the buttin because you have to order a pair of the paper glasses that you used to get in a magazine or a trip to the movies. So i decided to contact disney about the issue. I sent an email recently about the utilization of Cinimax quality glasses! These are more eficient and easier to come by, simpaly by taking a trip to your local cinimax theature!
3d cannon shooting...
-- more info soon, awaiting reply from Disney--

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