Posted by Bartholomew Watkins on Nov. 25, 2016, 2 p.m.

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Ahoy there mates,

Forgive me if me handwritin’ be lookin’ a bit sloppy.  Ye see, at the moment I am shakin’ in me boots, fearin’ for me life.  Two days ago I came face to face with… well, I don’t even know what to call that thing.  Listen to me story and ye be the judge.

The Caribbean has been frustratingly quiet lately.  I swear it’s so empty that I’ve seen a few tumbleweeds rollin’ around.  So imagine me surprise when some cloaked bloke docks his ship on Port Royal and starts strollin’ into town.  I was interested in eavesdroppin’ so- I mean, bein’ the concerned and loyal citizen that I am, I decided to follow him just to make sure that he wasn't up to anythin’ fishy.  This was me first mistake.

He walked into the graveyard that I’ve always avoided with a passion due to the animated bags of bones that lingered in there.  Those guys were always so angry.  The mysterious man reached into his cloak and retrieved a staff.  The attention of the undead was fully on him.  They didn't seem like they were interested in attackin’ him, they just stood there and stared (that’s a first).

The man began to cast a spell.  I heard an ominous clap of thunder comin’ from the skies which had tinted into a poisonous green color.  The winds had begun to pick up and fog was startin’ to appear.  I stood there captivated yet horrified.  Just as the thick fog hid the man from me line of sight, a gust of wind knocked off the cloak that covered his head, exposin’ his grotesque face to me.  

I was stunned.  I staggered backwards and tripped over me own two feet.  I could have sworn that the man noticed me presence and snapped his head in me direction.  This is the moment in which I hopped on the nope-not-today galleon and ran out of there.  

As I made me escape, I noticed the cold fog gushin’ toward me and slitherin’ its way down the slopes.  A few more gallops ahead I lost me breath and I wanted to have one last look at the monstrous gloom that was about to be me demise - but alas, it suddenly ebbed all the way back faster than I could blink me eyes!

I tried to forget about this encounter, but this mornin’ Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres Del Fuego received a lil’ anonymous gift that kicked the creepy to a whole new level.  On the docks abandoned boats with wood and various empty barrels were found.  All 3 ships had a letter with the same message written on ‘em: “You’ll be needing these soon”.

This is what cemented me belief that somethin’ terrible be comin’, and what I saw only be a test of some sort by the dark powers that lie in wait.  Now mates, if ye need me ye can find me on the high seas as I sail me way over to England.

Stay safe me hearties.

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