Ahoy all,

As of today, a series of 'hacking' events have been brought up and emphasized throughout numerous sites, including the Wiki.

While it is unfortunate news if you were hacked, the Wiki Staff and I would like to ask you all to please refrain from causing drama, name-dropping, and spreading rumors. Hacking and stealing accounts can really become touchy subjects - and discussion of that nature has absolutely no place on the Wiki. Please keep the Wiki Policy in mind when posting messages - we'd like to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for all users.

*If you choose to go against the Policy, proper consequences will be given out and your account may be banned.

I'd also like to remind everyone to please be safe while in-game; you never know who you might encounter. If someone asks for your account information - and you deeply value your pirate - DO NOT give it away! No matter how many enticing things they bribe you with, it is a scam, and you will most likely never see your pirate again. Do not even talk to the person - take a screenshot, teleport away, and then report the behavior to Disney. It's common sense and standard internet safety - use your best judgement, and you'll be fine.

*Disney employees will NEVER ask for your account information - so if someone is impersonating a GM or Disney employee, do not be fooled!

Additionally, if you were hacked, you can email or call Disney at 1-888-507-9507 - tell them what happened, and remember to be honest when doing so. Although it is not guaranteed, you may get your account back by doing this.

Find out how secure your password is by clicking here.

Thanks for your understanding,

- The Wiki Administrators and Rollbacks.

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