This contest is now over - thanks for participating!

Winner: Elizabethredfire


Been seeing lots of contests going on - and yep, you guessed it... I got OH SO TEMPTED and wanted to do one myself.

This here contest is simple - just find where this particular object appears in game.

Apple - contest

HINT: TWO NPCs are holding this item. One of which is in a renowned guild...

Prizes: Custom signature or Phase Files pic


  • Each member is allowed 3 guesses
  • If you have previously won a contest, you cannot participate until 3 contests later.
  • If you use up all your guesses, you cannot guess again until the next contest.
  • If you are an admin you cannot participate. Pffft I'm the only rollback :P
  • To win, you must post two guesses as to where you can find this item.

Previous winners:

Captaingoldvane2 - Ship Figurehead Challenge - Opted for Phase Files Image.

(Captain) Roger Goldskull - Skeleton Cannon Challenge - Opted for Signature.

GenLawrence - Moving Trees Challenge - Opted for Signature.

Captain Sharktooth - Mystery Gun Challenge - Opted for Signature.

Bill2222 - Mystery Rock Challenge - Opted for Phase Files Image.

Captaingoldvane2 - Mystery Sword Challenge - Opted for Phase Files Image.

Good luck, and happy APPLE HUNTING! *snicker*

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