September 12, 2016 (tlopo-alpha-v1.14.3)


  • Gunsmiths and Blacksmiths across the Caribbean have set up shop -- stop by and pick up some new weapons!
  • William Turner's practice dummies have been assembled in the Old Warehouse!


  • Fixed a bug where interiors wouldn't work in caves.
  • Fixed a crash with potion effects.
  • Fixed a district reset with poker.
  • Fixed an internal exception with the login manager.
  • Numerous bugfixes with the in-game camera.
  • Player ship speeds should now be properly displayed.
  • Potentially fixed a bug in poker where hands were calculated incorrectly.


  • Added a safeguard in Fishing to prevent unacceptable state transitions from occuring.
  • Fixed a bug where people could fight each other with their fishing rods.
  • Heavy optimizations to Nametags. Players should notice significantly less lag.
  • Slightly increase the time between searching for PvP matches.
  • Tweaked nametag size/scale calculations for optimizations and player readability.
  • Tweaked the logic with gold distribution in poker.
  • Weapon toggling is now rate limited.

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