Rage Ghost Mystery Loot

Avast, mates!

Now, I know I needn’t be giving any introduction for most of ye, but I’ve not stuck my head in here using my own identity. My name is John Foulroberts. Ye may have heard whispers of my nickname, “JFR,” as well -- catchy, ain’t it? I’m here to give ye all another daily update regarding our exciting transition to Beta.

Yesterday was a comical day indeed. Those devilish Rage Ghosts decided to play some hide and seek! Pirates ran all around Raven’s Cove tryin’ to track ‘em down. They looked in land and water, but the ghosts were always one step ahead.

Thankfully, those monstrous ghouls are now back in their place, but they didn't come back empty handed -- they brought some friends along! Aye, two more ghosts have appeared. One of ‘em can be found on the beach of Port Royal and the other one near Misty Mire in Tortuga!

Ye will also be pleased to hear that these Ghosts are droppin’ more than just yer patience -- they now be droppin’ some fancy loot too! Take one on to discover what the mystery item is.

Oh, and before I go… I’ll let ye in on a hint -- use the redeem code freeze. It’ll give ye the Grave Reaper... Ye might need to use that in order to down these devious baddies. A mate or two by your side might not be a bad idea, either -- hopefully with a lot of firepower. I’ll leave it to the rest of ye to figure out the trick to it.

That be all from me -- for now. Get out there and beat up some Rage Ghosts for their loot. If they ask, tell ‘em JFR sent ye...

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