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Posted by Jack Scurvyfoote on Sept. 11, 2016, 9:30 a.m.

Fishing Loot

Catch an' release be gettin' borin', aye? Well, jus' so happens that the fish in the Caribbean have been pickin' up a few odds an' ends. Rascals always be fallin' in the drink an' losin' the change in their pockets or droppin' a sword -- or worse yet, losin' their boots.

Ye know what they say -- finders keepers, losers weepers!

I'll not be tootin' me own horn or anythin', but the things that the fish be pickin' up are quite interestin'. Got me a few nice pairs o' boots, a dashin' bright orange shirt, and -- though I not be sure why the poor chap was carryin' it around -- a shiny new cannon ram.

Now, now, mates -- this not be a signal to go pushin' yer friends into the sea in hopes they lose somethin' o' theirs fer yer own benefit. Play nice -- and keep to the Code, savvy?

If ye haven't already, be sure to stop by yer local fishmaster and pick up a rod an' a reel. Remember, ye now have the chance to acquire loot from the fish ye catch! Get those lines in the water and start reelin' 'em in -- ye never know what ye might find.​

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