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Posted by Leon Warhawk on Aug. 21, 2016, 8 p.m.


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Ahoy there! I be Leon Warhawk -- ye might have seen me hangin’ around the Grotto on Devil’s Anvil. Recently, I’ve been havin’ some strange feelings in me head -- like something is going wrong.

Whenever I converse with other pirates in the Grotto, I have this naggin’ in the back of me head that urges me to start a brawl with ‘em. This be completely out of me nature! Somethin’ be toyin’ with me head and I know it.

Now, listen here... Keep this hushed -- wouldn’t want ye scoundrels spreadin’ rumors -- but I’ve reason to believe that Jolly Roger’s minions be up to no good. It be within my reasonin’ that someone made off with the Aztec Moonstone -- a device only spoken about in late-night tavern conversations and fables. I think that those blasted landlubbers be goin’ behind Jolly Roger’s back and tamperin’ with it. 

Amongst some whisperin’, I heard that one or more of our own kind may have a hand in this occurrence. Whoever they are, they be in cahoots with Jolly Roger -- and we’ve no idea where to start lookin’. 

In any case, we be forced to bite the bullet. The tension be risin’ in Caribbean towns -- we be itchin’ to fight each other. We be cursed. We must face each other -- whether we be likin’ it or not. In the process, we may be able to find who the interloper was that was in on that blasted scheme with the Moonstone.

With that bein’ said, Player versus Player (or better known as “PvP”) is now available: ye can go toe to toe in a Mayhem match where every pirate fends for themselves.

That be all for now. Prove yer salt to yer mates -- and in the process, keep a sharp lookout for that Aztec Moonstone… Ye never know what might be surfacin’ next in these waters.

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