Ahoy all!

If you haven't heard, I'm currently working on a rather large project. This project will help us to relive our Pirates Online experience in every way possible after the game's closure.


This project is a video which consists of full tours of every island and area, showcases all aspects of the game, and will help to cement our legacy. I would like to help out this community once more by providing this reference for us - this documentation of our beloved game will be timeless.

I am willing to include quotes submitted by you; they can be anything! Your favorite memory, best moment, an interesting story - by all means, they're welcome! You can post anything you want to say here and I'll add it when I start to edit the video.

You can leave general comments and questions regarding the actual project itself - replies are not strictly for quotes. When submitting a quote, please preface it with (QUOTE) so I know to include you.


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