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Posted by Ray Fishlander on Sept. 14, 2016, 1:15 a.m.

Riches From the Seas

Ye know mate, if ye were to go around the Caribbean askin' pirates "what's the one thing ye hate the most?" I bet "yellow tangs" would be somewhere on that list. Now mate, tell me, how often have ye gone fishin' and found yerself pullin' out a yellow tang wearin' a fabulous set of golden hoop earrings? Ye can imagine my surprise and confusion when I came across the scene yesterday.

All across the Caribbean, pirates have been findin' pieces of jewelry while fishin'. Jewelers have gained so much merchandise that they are now back in business! Aye, ye can visit a Jeweler on Port Royal, Tortuga, or Padres Del Fuego to buy all sorts of fashionable accessories. 

In addition to this, Jewelers be payin' a hefty sum to those darin' sailors who went out and retrieved the items that have brought their business back on the forefront. Ye can redeem the code "jewelry" to get yerself 20,000 gold!

So, what are ye waitin' for? Go buy yerself somethin' pretty!

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