Copied from Posted by William Turner on Sept. 12, 2016, 12:15 a.m.

Will Turner Training Dummies

"That's not good enough!" I shouted, and the sailors under my purview ceased their skill-less attacks on the lifeless figures before them.

It was only when I realized that I was gripping the pommel of my sword harder than I'd ever done before, and in the process damaged some of my training dummies beyond repair. Well, there's always the new set of training dummies arriving shortly from the mainland to look forward to this week.

Speaking of which, this week has been quite a gruelling one. My smithery has been burning the midnight oil in order to ensure we make the orders that the weaponsmiths have placed on time. Aye, for the first time in a long while these vendors will be able to sell their weapons out to the hardened sailors who visit any of the major ports.

What would a sailor need such armaments for? Well, apart from keeping an eye out and making sure that the rum isn't gone, they'll be useful in defending the free folk of the high seas from whatever threats may be out there. And trust me, the daggers that clench in readiness in the shadows of decrepit towns may be quite a handful for any buccaneer without more than a rusty cutlass.

So there ye have it! Head over to the Old Warehouse on Port Royal to beat up some training dummies. Also make sure to get ye some weapons from a weaponsmith. Have fun! Try to avoid going into fits of rage.

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