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Ahoy Pirates Online Wikia Users! The NEW Fluid Layout (Darwin) is now LIVE! We've made numerous changes across the wikia to accommodate the varying page width.


  • The Navigation Image, the image that appears behind the navigation, has been updated to span the full width of the page, no matter what size.
  • Updated templates to span a percent of the page instead of being a fixed width.
  • Added various elements to the Main Page to take up empty space created by the extra page width.
  • Adjusted content that appears in the right rail to fit in the size changes.
  • With the help of the CSS Editor, we made numerous bug fixes to improve the overall appearance of the wikia.

Known Issues:

  • The Navigation Image does not appear correctly on smaller screens.

Every year we make changes to the wikia to get the community into the holiday spirit. Unfortunately with all the changes we had to make for the new layout, our old theme will no longer work. Which means we have to make a new one! We don't have an exact date when these changes will be made, but for now, enjoy a little SNOW!

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