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Posted by John Foulroberts on Sept. 19, 2016, 12:30 a.m.


Ahoy thar!

Ye might be recognizing me by now -- ye all like familiar faces, right? I'm JFR -- as always -- and I've returned to let ye in on the latest happenings. Now, this be no news about loot opportunities like I have been informing ye about. Rather, this be a bit on the larger end of the spectrum… and it has a danger factor.

It seems that Jolly Roger's dastardly minions be meddling with the Aztec Moonstone again. Through the grapevine, I heard that Jolly's minions be planning a Caribbean-wide Curse of the Muertos Moon -- nothing like the small scraps we've been experiencing in our PvP matches. Ye have been previously armed with the Thunderspine Sword -- one of me personal favorites -- and several other infamous blades, so ye should stack up well against one another.

Ahhh -- wait -- GAHHHH!

BAHAHAHAHA! You pesky fiend, JFR. So ye thought ye could kill the ghosts of rage on yer own? My influence -- my power -- was the reason ye scurvy dogs were successful. Why ye may ask? Well, I not be through with ye! Until next time, ye scallywag...

Gahhh… Not sure what that was. I be thinking it was Jolly Roger messing with me head. Do any of ye know what he was cackling about? Was it those Rage Ghosts we've all been fighting with the past few days? I'm a bit dazed from that little interruption, so forgive me, mates.

Anyhow, I knew that those blasted hooligans were planning to interfere with our revelries! No matter -- I know some of ye enjoy a good brawl, and it does expend a bit of that pent up energy ye all have from the excitement this past week has brought.

Keep yer eyes on each other -- but also keep yer eyes on the horizon of the end of Alpha. Today be marking the last day of our string of releases. Just after 7:00PM EDT today, Alpha will be closing its doors. Ye all are in for the real deal now! Beta be making its appearance soon -- ye best be ready.

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