Just a reminder, It is a violation of our Policy to upload screenshots containing any hacking and will result in the image's immediate deletion. Any user who continues to upload these images after being warned to stop will have their account banned temporarily. Also, keep in mind that accusing players; either by saying their Pirate Name, Guild Name, or Ship Name; will also be removed.

The Pirates Online Wiki is not the place to upload your screenshots to report players. The best way to report misbehaving players is to use the in-game report feature. Then using the Bug Report form on the POTCO Website, upload your screenshots their and give every detail you can in the Description of Issue section. Including that you reported them in-game and details about what they were doing.

If you have any questions about the Pirates Online Wiki Policy, or not sure if your image is "OK" or not. Please ask in the comments below, or contact an active Administrator.

Fair Winds! ~ JoshuaCoalskull Message Wall

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