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Recently we have had a lot of issues with vandalism, inappropriate language, etc... To help combat this increase in problems, we have started using a special tool called the Abuse Filter.

So, what is the Abuse Filter?
The Abuse Filter is a tool used to allow trusted users to set specific controls on user activity and create automated reactions for certain behaviors. In other words, we can set up a filter to automatically block "bad edits" from being made.

What edits are blocked?
We have set up a few filters which block different types of edits. A few are listed below:

  • Blanking Articles
  • Creating Articles about Yourself
  • Creating a Very Short New Article
  • Inappropriate Language
  • Inappropriate Links
  • Link Spamming
  • Posting Email Address
  • Removal of Categories
  • Shouting

How do I know if my edit is blocked?
If you edit an Article or Blog, and it triggers a filter, a message will appear and explain what you did to trigger that filter. An example is displayed below:

Warning Minor
Thank you for your edit. Your edit was flagged because you used "ALL CAPS" in your edit. Using all caps is against our Policy. Please revise your edit and Publish again.Your edit will be flagged as Shouting

However, if you leave a comment on a Blog or Message Wall, the comment will just disappear. The warning message will not be displayed. If that happens, check our Policy and see if you are breaking any of the rules.

I don't think I broke any of the rules, but my edit/comment was still blocked.
The Abuse Filter can be a little... troublesome from time to time. If you have any issues or questions, please leave a comment bellow or ask me on my message wall.

Happy Editing! ~ JoshuaCoalskull Message Wall

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