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Ahoy Pirates Online Wiki users! With the unfortunate closing of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the wiki faces an important question and its time we make a decision. What do we do now?

Looking back over the Stern
I want to assure you that we have no intentions of deleting the wiki. The POTCO Wiki will forever serve as an archive for the game. Feel free to create your own blog posts and upload your screenshots of your game experiences. I'm sure the community would love to hear about your most remarkable adventures in the Caribbean. You can start making your own blog post by clicking here.

Keeping a weather eye on the Horizon
A suggestion was made by a user that we should expand the wiki to cover a little more broad topic. The suggestion proposes that we include content from two other online Pirates of the Caribbean games.

Covering these two additional games will allow the wiki to cover a lot more content. While also allowing us to keep the name "Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki" as we will be covering the content of online Pirates of the Caribbean games.

This is a big change, and we don't want to make any large changes without first asking the community. Please leave your opinions in the comments below. You may also vote in the poll below, but only constructive comments will be considered in this decision.

Thank you.
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Should we expand the content of the wiki?
  • Yes - 93 (78.15% of all votes)
  • No - 26 (21.85% of all votes)
The poll was created at 00:13 on October 7, 2013, and 119 people voted.

The poll was closed at 22:06 on October 24, 2013‎.

Anyone can vote using the {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} codes in the comments. Also, when voting, please be sure to provide a reason for your vote, whether support or oppose.

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