My Weather

Well, I live in what is considered Tornado Alley. Our winters are usually all over the place from mild to severe with freezing rain. And occasionally we see tornadoes.

This year, we've been lucky that we've had a modertely mild to above average winter. We did get two snows in November that were out of the ordinary. So far though, we've had mild temps mostly. We do have a rollercoaster ride down here with weather. One day it will be sunny and around 50 F or so, and the next it will be around freezing all day long and cloudy. Today is one of those extreme days.

Our weather forcast for today gives us a chance for sever storms this afternoon and through the evening. We've also got a 60% chance of long track tornadoes. Those are the worst kind. Usually they are very strong and can stay on the ground for miles. And the worst part of it, its suppose to hit at night when we cant see anything.

So, this evening I might be huddled in our long hallway with my husband and the kids. Maybe even a futon matress over our heads. I'll be praying and holding tight to one of my sons while my husband holds tight to the other. OR... we might not ever hear a siren to warn us. You never know in our area, rollercoaster weather, remember?

Either way, the sunny warm weather of the Caribbean will be my goal. No matter the weather here, my heart is there. Sailing my custom ship, plundering the seas, fighting Jolly's undead and yes, drinking all the rum!! I am a pirate at heart, on sea or on land and i'm always dreaming of the freedom I find in POTCO.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers this evening. I'll keep you all posted and will be seeing you in POTCO. Arrrgh...

UPDATE: We lost electricity for only a moment. It flickered and turned my computer off. All the tornado warnings were down south of me. Unfortunately today the weather is severe east of me and more people are in a tornado threat.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We really did get lucky last night.

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