Katherine Seascarlett

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  • Katherine Seascarlett

      You can find Katherine at Tortos. She would be either looting, helping a guildmate, or just standing/walking around. She is a kind pirate and Gulidmaster.

    Katherine Seascarlett aka Rose Seascarlett is the GM (Guildmaster) or O R I G I N A L S. She is kind to all pirates and is always willing to help you out on quests and leveling up! She is a great guildmaster :)

    O R I G I N A L S was founded by Katherine Seascarlett and her twin, Candy Cane on December 26, 2012. This guild had about 230 people in it. They set simple rules to keep the guild organized and their first guild server was Legassa, though it was removed by POTCO and later changed to Tortos. Here are the rules:

    1. Ask before you tp (teleport)

    2. When you invite someone to the guild,…

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