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    February 29, 2012 by LASTCHANCE1O

    I personaly think there is a catch to finding famed or legendary weapons. First of all i think that you have to use a weaker weapon like the rusty cutlass. One day i was at Drakhart, I was using my rusty cutlass, and i found the Assassin Cutlass. Now i know the Asassin Cutlass is not the best famed cutlass in the game, but it led me on to the idea of using weaker weapons. The other thing that i noticed is that when ever i went looting, i always used my cutlass. When ever i found a famed weapon it was alway a cutlass. Then when i was using my grenades i hardly found any famed. This gave me an idea that if you searching for a type of weapon, you have to use that type to find it.

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