Help people on black pearl steal wheel from town!

if do, updates will make black pearl into minigame like QAR

if not, wont make it for minigame like QAR and start over.

hint: destroy all cannons and all ships away from cannons attcaking

first, destroy ships

next, destroy 1 cannon and dont go near other cannons. then next cannon then cannon. destroy every cnnon. 1 at a time not many cannons in 1 whole time.

then, destroy ships if appear.

finally, when get to last bridge... destroy both cannons.

finally 2, pass through the bridge r destroyed.

Final is u stole the wheel of black pearl!

potco will turn black pearl into enemy boss ship just like QAR! :)

But becareful, dont let this ship's health down too much or sink. *tell people to repair.*1

  • 1= dont know if treasure map allows people to repair on this ship to have more health.

thank u!

please chat me back.

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