• LegoMan25

    As many of you know, Captain Leon has became feared over these last few months due to his skillfully crafted ways of getting pirates to unnoticingly give away crucial account information. Today, I write this blog to inform you once again of ways to prevent this horrible accident from happening to you, and to also tell you of the incident that happened in my current guild, Dark Archive.

    Today, Captain Rai, a Officer of Dark Archive, was hacked by Captain Leon. Under control of Leon, Rai kicked quite a few members from the guild. The Guild is now in crysis state, and is working on reinviting the members kicked in this incident. If anybody happens to spot the pirate Krool, please ask him to stay in a position for a while, and, for the finder, …

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  • LegoMan25

    Hiya guys, Lego here with this week's news.

    • POTCO Getting Resources For Updates? (Read More)
    • Important Notice About a User (Read More)
    • Dat Harlem Shake! (Read More)

    • Disney Infinity Draws Closer to Infinite Possibilities
    • POTCO To Gain New Updates?
    • POTCO Test Server Accepting Again!
    • Infinity Ward Confirmes New CoD Game

    • Meteor Crashes In Russia? THE SKY IS FALLIN

    Submit questions, seriously ppl, rude. :P

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  • LegoMan25

    I'm trying to start making a wiki news, and a long while back Dentface said if I did good on my first news, I might be made the official news writer of the Wiki! So, yeah. 

    • Revive POTCO Petition Going On, Hopefully Disney Listens...
    • POTCO Revive New Years' Eve Blockade Recap...
    • Forums and other stuffs:

    • Black Ops II DLC 1: "Revolution" Revealed!
    • Borderlands 2 "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" Released!
    • POTCO Stays The Same, Still Awaiting The Kraken!
    • Disney Infinity? What is this sorcery...

    • American Idol Season 12 Starts

    Every week, I'll be hosting this small section called Ask Jolly Roger. Basically, if you leave a que…

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  • LegoMan25

    Steam is a popular gaming community with over 100,000,000 games (literally!), and 500,000,000 members. It sells many games for your PC, and there is a great Community System, with friending, multiplayer, groups, and much, much more.

    Recently I made a Pirates Online official group on Steam. Im looking for POTCO members to join, and what better place then the wiki? Just go to and make an account! Then ask me on my message wall what to do to join the group.

    Have A Plunder Filled Day,

    18:43, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • LegoMan25

    Ritochfen's Grand Scheme

    August 30, 2012 by LegoMan25

    Hello people of POTCO Wiki, Im legoMan25, Troller, Spammer, Getting-Kicked-From-Chat-A-Lot-er, editor, and brony. hai. theres the game i play, called Call of Duty: Blakc Ops. Theres a map for Zombies called moon, and there is a major easter egg called "Ritochfen's Grand Scheme." I just wanted to state that for no reason. The legoman is out. peace!

    02:15, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

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