Since a moderator made a contest like this, I figure, "Why Not Me?" So, here is the contest. Prizes are gold and you get them by me losing in Blackjack on purpose.

Easy - So easy you dont get a reward just a thanks for participating :P

Quiz 1

This one is the easiest, no prize just a thanks for participating :P

Normal - You get 500 hundred gold for this. Shouldnt be too hard.

Quiz 2

Should be easy for regular players if they have seen the movies.

Medium - Advanced players should be able to do this easier, lower levels might have some trouble.
Quiz 3

It's actually kind of OBVIOUS... wow I need to do better :P

Hard - Advanced players should have quite a bit of trouble, and low levels could be a bit...

Quiz 4

It's kinda hard AND small, so bring it up to get a better shot.

So hard that a Disney person couldnt do it O_O

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