The Intro

As many of you know, Captain Leon has became feared over these last few months due to his skillfully crafted ways of getting pirates to unnoticingly give away crucial account information. Today, I write this blog to inform you once again of ways to prevent this horrible accident from happening to you, and to also tell you of the incident that happened in my current guild, Dark Archive.

The Incident

Today, Captain Rai, a Officer of Dark Archive, was hacked by Captain Leon. Under control of Leon, Rai kicked quite a few members from the guild. The Guild is now in crysis state, and is working on reinviting the members kicked in this incident. If anybody happens to spot the pirate Krool, please ask him to stay in a position for a while, and, for the finder, try to contact a member of Dark Archive to find Krool's waiting spot, and re-guild him. 


If you see Leon or a character you think is under his influence, or are asked to give away personal or account info by any other pirate, REPORT, IGNORE, GET AWAY. Don't fall for their tricks- they will usually try to trick you into giving your password, account name, and other things by befriending you, then acting.

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