Well, we all know that the mods contests over these days have been quite popular, so, I figure, why cant I make a contest? All you have to do is answer all of these riddles correctly, for a overall prize of 2,000 coins. Answer the bonus question and get a special EXTRA prize..

I will give you the money by purposely loosing in poker or blackjack.. If only they had trading in the game :P.

Here are the riddles, first being super easy, fifth being hard


I hunt down Jack,

and my skin surely does lack,

I have a weapon for a hand,

and have my own ship brand.


I am the main pirate's beloved ship,

and the sails surely dont qualify as "hip."

You free me from the Navy,

and the battle is quite wavy.


I am El Patron's closest mate,

and being eternal enemies is our fate.

I give no mercy and will take down weaker players,

buried in a cove's deepest layers.


I stalk pirates only at night,

in great balls of white fright.

I wont wait till my health is yellow,

the second your too close, I kill a fellow.


I am in the Brethren Court,

and I never even think about trying to abort.

I have a son who is famous,

and look the opposite of that irishman Shamus.


We mess up alot,

always saying what to and what not.

We are seen once in the game,

and the Navy doesnt give us much fame.

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