What This Is

I'm trying to start making a wiki news, and a long while back Dentface said if I did good on my first news, I might be made the official news writer of the Wiki! So, yeah. 

On Le Wiki!

In Gaming!

  • Black Ops II DLC 1: "Revolution" Revealed!
  • Borderlands 2 "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" Released!
  • POTCO Stays The Same, Still Awaiting The Kraken!
  • Disney Infinity? What is this sorcery...

In The Earth...

  • American Idol Season 12 Starts

Ask Jolly Roger!

Every week, I'll be hosting this small section called Ask Jolly Roger. Basically, if you leave a question in the comments for Jolly Roger, and your question is picked, your question will be featured along with "Jolly Roger's" answer. ( EDIT: Fixed Grammar )

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