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  • Leon dreadpratt

    This might be old news, but did anyone else notice that when the GMs gave you a weapon, a message appeared saying "Yer trade worked". This might just be me reading too much into it but do you think this means that trading is on its way to POTCO soon? Maybe these givaways are like a test of the system, to make sure it is working to avoid glitches leading to scams.

    And if trading is coming, are you exited for it? I have always been a little partial. I think it will be a very very helpful thing, especially for players with more famed than they can hold. It would allow you to create multiple accounts to use as "banks" for your extra weapons. Or just let you just give them away. But I think people who are expecting to be able to trade away and g…

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  • Leon dreadpratt

    So what is your dream weapon belt? It has to only be weapons currently in the game and most importantly you can only have 35 weapons. It might sound like a lot but if you look at it, there are a lot more good weapons!! Also mark weapons you already have so we can see how far you are towards your dream.

    Mine dream weapon belt is


    1. Thunderspine

    2. Blade of the Abyss

    3. Lost Sword of El Patron (have it)

    4. The Dark Mutineer

    5. Admiral's

    6. Seven Seas (have it)

    7. Black Shark Blade (have it)


    8. World Eater Blade (have it)

    9. Behemoth

    10. Barracuda Blade (have it)

    11. Treacheries End (have it)

    12. Generals


    13. Emerald Curse

    14. Doom Stinger

    15. Admirals


    16. Fullmoon (have it)

    17. Sacred (have it)

    Repeater Pistols

    18. Fullmoon

    19. Sa…

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  • Leon dreadpratt

    I have seen sooooooooooooooooo many potentially epic cannon defense gamed crash and burn due to noobs joining. It is one thing when someone joins trying to help, but when they simply refuse to leave, it literally can ruin the entire game. I think cannon defense should have some sort of thing where of all the players agree they can kick someone out of the game. Some sort of vote system where someone clicks on the person or the name and can send out a "kick out" message, and if everyone else in the game (except the person in question obviously) votes "yes" the player will be instantly kicked out. I just think this would make it a million times easier to get good cannon defense games. Who agrees?

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  • Leon dreadpratt got this

    How about this?

    I know the gold one isn't as impressive but I am running out of ideas here! If anyone has a suggestion for epic loot let me know and I will gladly photoshop it for ya!

    One more,

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  • Leon dreadpratt

    Ever since the sword of triton came out I have been debating weather or not to keep it. At first keeping it was not such a big deal beacuse my weapons belt wasn't so crampt. But with every new fmed weapon I am finding I need to start making some real tough decitions on what to trash. And since this is only rare it is taking up valuable famed space. So what do you think the odds are that the sword of triton is ever going to get better? I know they put some new slowing down skill on the test server for it at one point but I have a feeling it and the qar were added whith the new movie and aren't going to become begger parts of the game any time soon On top of this I don't think ptoco would make a major new weapon only available once from a co…

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