This might be old news, but did anyone else notice that when the GMs gave you a weapon, a message appeared saying "Yer trade worked". This might just be me reading too much into it but do you think this means that trading is on its way to POTCO soon? Maybe these givaways are like a test of the system, to make sure it is working to avoid glitches leading to scams.

And if trading is coming, are you exited for it? I have always been a little partial. I think it will be a very very helpful thing, especially for players with more famed than they can hold. It would allow you to create multiple accounts to use as "banks" for your extra weapons. Or just let you just give them away. But I think people who are expecting to be able to trade away and get every legendary will be dissapointed.

Pirates Online 2012-11-24 15-03-38-20 2

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