Ok so I know trading is not yet in the game, we don't know how it is going to really work, heck we don't even know if it will ever be out. But I am really curious what I could get for some of my weapons if it were out. I will be willing to trade more than one weapon for one other better weapon. I have plenty of money so I will not accept money in a trade but will gladly give money in a trade. Comment with any trades you would e willing to make and I will be fun for everyone to see where this might go!

The weapons I really really want an will trade multiple good famed for

-any legendary cursed blade

-dark mutineer

-admirals cutlass

-trecheries end

-generals broadsword

-doom stinger

-great hawk sabre

-sacred repeater

-fullmoon repeater

-corsairs bayonet

-fullmoon blunderbuss

-dagger of the dark idol

-steel cannon ram

-revenant cannon ram

Weapons I want a little less

-any famed weapon with bloodfire

-any famed non cursed broadsword

-any famed cursed cutlass

-any famed bayonet

My weapons that I will gladly trade

-blightfang edge

-hull ripper

-dagger of golden idol

-sacred pistol

-assassins cutlass

-doll of sacred ritulas

-curse breaker doll

-gatling repeater pistol

-golden charm

My weapons I will only trade if it is a trade up (for example I will trade skullbone repeater and another famed for fullmoon or sacred repeater but won't trade skullbone repeater for any other weapon)

-grand blunderbuss (for fullmoon blunderbuss)

-seven seas dagger (for dagger of dark idol)

-bitter end (for doom stinger)

-sabre of the inquisition (for great hawk sabre)

-buccaneers bayonet (for corsairs bayonet)

-skullbone repeater (for fullmoon or sacred repeater)

-iron cannon ram (for steel or revenant cannon ram)

My weapons I will only trade for a very very very good deal (a legendary of several good famed)

-barracuda blade

-lost sword of el patron

-seven seas cutlass

-black shark blade

-sacred musket

-fullmoon pistol

-silver freeze

-knives of the golden idol

-demon fang knives

-revenant doll

-spirit binder doll

-rumrunners sea chart

Well there are all my weapons and all the weapons I want. If you happen to have one of the weapons I want, and want one of the weapons I have comment away! Of course none of these trades will be for real but if trading comes out soon and any of these offers still stand anything I agree too I will gladly go through with.

Happy trading!

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