Well a while back I got black shark blade and a bunch of rare cursed blades in one day (this was back when I only had bitter end and any cursed blade even rare was super good) and I thought it would be the best looting day I ever had and ever would have, but guess what? Just topped it. Can you guess what is the only thing better than some bad cursed blades and one of the best cutlasses in the game? Two of the top three BEST FAMED WEAPONS IN THE GAME in one day! That is right I got BOTH barracude blade and hull ripper today. And what makes it even better is I already had blightfang edge so I can officially say I have THE TOP THREE BEST FAMED WEAPONS IN THE GAME. All I need now is a LEGENDARY!!

To celebrate this historic day (lol) I decided to post all the famed loot screenshots I have been collecting. I hadn't been doing this until recently so I wanted to wait untill I got a good number to post them. Well now they are up and I am pleased with how much awesomer it maes my profile look! Oh yea!

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