So what is your dream weapon belt? It has to only be weapons currently in the game and most importantly you can only have 35 weapons. It might sound like a lot but if you look at it, there are a lot more good weapons!! Also mark weapons you already have so we can see how far you are towards your dream.

Mine dream weapon belt is


1. Thunderspine

2. Blade of the Abyss

3. Lost Sword of El Patron (have it)

4. The Dark Mutineer

5. Admiral's

6. Seven Seas (have it)

7. Black Shark Blade (have it)


8. World Eater Blade (have it)

9. Behemoth

10. Barracuda Blade (have it)

11. Treacheries End (have it)

12. Generals


13. Emerald Curse

14. Doom Stinger

15. Admirals


16. Fullmoon (have it)

17. Sacred (have it)

Repeater Pistols

18. Fullmoon

19. Sacred

20. Master Crafted


21. Fullmoon

22. Grand (have it)


23. Sacred (have it)


24. Corsair's


25. Reverent (have it)

26. Villainy (have it)


27. Dark Idol

Throwing Knives

28. Silver freeze (have it)

29. Assassin's (have it)'

Sailing Boosts'

30. Rumrunner's (have it)

Cannon Rams

31. Reverent (have it)

32. Steel (have it)

33. Master Gunners


34. Tribal Chief's (have it)


35. Pouch (have it)

Time to get looting! XD

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