well for no real good reason i discided to start a blog not sure what i will use it for or who will read it but guess i can use it to anounce things in my pirate career

well a few major things have happened lately
firstly i FINALLY completed my black pearl mission after what...3 years, and, um, 49 levels? ya something like that. and that is i guess a prety big deal because now i can fool arouns without any responsibilities :)

next i probably had my best pundering day EVER last night
i went to tormenta and the first skell shest i got...BLACK SHARK BLADE. yep that may just be the best weapon i have gotten sunce lost sword
then after some more slaughtering i ended up getting sea steel sword, my first cursed broadsword (ya not great but good for me) later i got even luckier and ended up getting the deepwater blade even better
finally towards the end i got...wait for it...sea steel sword, AGAIN
so i ended the day with 3 new cursed broadswords and in my opinion the best not cursed famed cutlass IN THE GAME

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