So I was talking to my guild mates and well we came up with an idea and I wanted to see what people thought of this idea. So we came up witht hat pirates needs to make a new island. We thought of what should be on the island and came up with the idea of having a island full of zombies cause of zombies in the new movie. The story for this island would be that Jolly had tried taking over this island with undead but due to the island being an island being charmed which was placed upon the island once Jolly came to power in the caribbean. The charm worked and when Jolly tried to make the islanders into undead they all died bu then came back not really dedad but more half dead half alive and not undead and becaame zombies. They then defeated Jolly Roger and his forces and forced hem off the island due to there inhanced strentgh and speed and dieing the reforming and poping back up. So the villagers became zombies but there were to types there where the cureables and the uncureables. For he first part of the quest you must find villagers that have not been turned into zombies and get them off the island in a certain ammount of time and then sail them to port royal, Padres, Tortuga or Cuba. After saving the none turned ones you would save the cureables by making potion bullets that would load into your gun adn you would shoot at the cureables and turn them back you would ahve to shoot them a nmber of times to reverse the charm. You would then sail them off the island too. Leaving only the uncureables which would become a new enemy and would also drop cursed blades too. But they are extremely hard levels 50 and up and are hard to take down alone. Tell me if this sounds pretty cool and would be awesome to have pirates add into the game. P.S. there would also be zombies bosses at strength like Foulberto.

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