Mate's there is a serious issue with the game that we call POTCO. You ask me what this issue is and I tell you that is not the technologly behind the game it's the player's in the game. This issue is that we have lost what this game used to be. Every pirate used to belong to a giant family. It didn't matter what guild you where in or what level you where. I say aren't we destorying this game with our attitudes to other pirates. I joined this game when it used to be what you guy's call the old POTCO. I was basic and you know what when I was a basic level 3 player and I went up to some maxed level 40 player and asked for help they would tell me they would love to help me. It didn't matter what you where you would help out someone when they need it. Mate's I've had many experiences where I've been helping out a mate when someone just comes in and start's killing their enemies. One thing we need to learn if we wish to keep this game alive is to respect other players. When you meet a level 2 basic member and your running around with your legendary blade and they stop and ask you for help what are you going to do. You know most pirate;s run off or turn to them and call them a noob. Look back on when you used to be a level 2 basic member and remember when pirate's would just run past you. Mate's one thing a lot of player's dont understand is that basic member's are the future of this game. This game cost money to run it's not just free the makers have to feed there families and shelter them. My point is that if we wish to keep this game alive we need to respect other player's and we need to help out anyone no matter what level or if there basic or unlimted nomatter what. Showing a basic person that there's people there to help them makes them want to buy a membership and pay for the game. There are a lot more basic people out there then there is unlimted. THE FUTURE OF POTCO DEPENDS ON THE PLAYER'S. Put this message to thought and try to prove me wrong about player's now and how you've actually have helped out someone you call a noob. Yell at me if you wish but I dare you all who read this to actually go and help out someone who is a noob.

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