Me and Charles Warmonk are BFFS.

we always treat each other fairlay and we never ignore each other.

Me And Charles are best friends ever bc we are always playing along with each other and we are always chating with each other.

Me and Charles are always looting with each other and playing together.

Alittle bit about charles warmonk

Charles started the game long ago when he reached lvl 50 Charles Joined the guild dark arviche.

One day he met a man called jack and they began to be bffs but then he met me.

One day i wanted me to meet jack to i met him.

Charles I and Jack began to loot together in isla tormenta.

Alittle bit about me

I joined potco in 2011,

when i got to lvl 30 i met a guy called charles warmonk and we become friends.

after a while charles mannaged to help me lvl to lvl 37.

The Charles said i could come and meet his friend so i went and met this guy called Jack.

we all looted together.


After me and Jack met we became friends so me Jack and Charles looted together.


But sadly me and Jack then brooke friends <3 to <        3.

After i met a other friend and i got famed and cursed to i got to lvl 39.

the next day i got to lvl 41 and then the next i got to lvl 42.

but one day i could not log into potco it said bad id or pass so i had to make a new account and phone potco to cancel membership.

Then me and charles met again and i told him what happend and he told me abbput potco chat.


on chat one day we had a laugh :)

so then we like were talking on pm alot.


hope you like this guys!

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