• I live in Tortuga, and in the legend
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is being friendly and helpul
  • I am Female
  • Lize1325

    for yous who have just began this game basicly you would like to level somewhere low. the best places is around the goveners mansion or graveyard or in kingsrun there the 3 good places for you guys to level use sword of recormended for unlimited access memebers/ basic access members you might have to use gun too.

    be careful who you attack

    at these other 5 levels the best place is to level sword gun cannon and sailing to lvl 5 to 7 the best ships to sink is the royal navy. best to have a strong ship if you are basic member you might need to use a unlimited access friends ship.

    for these levels level at fort charles with a healer this part of leveling is unlimited access only. the best lvl to get to there is to level 14 and do dagger quest at l…

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  • Lize1325

    This is how it began,

    One day a man called roger met a man called captian jack sparrow.

    "what are you looking at" said roger

    "the horizon" said jack

    "Any way im roger"

    "Im jack sparrow would you like to come and so some sailing with me"?

    "sure" said roger

    ( cannons shooting at ships)

    one day roger and jack took the chalenge to be a pirate lord then jack won!

    "im sorry roger its just a title" said jack

    "i want it i want it you shall pay for this day sparrow" said roger

    One day roger and jack made up and went for a game of poker.

    "I WON" cheered jack

    the next minute jolly roger had magic and killed hundreds of people and he became a skeleton!

    he named it the undead and he went around making a skeleton army!

    and he went hunting after jack sparrow!!!!!!!

    by l…

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  • Lize1325

    Big telling

    September 1, 2013 by Lize1325

    Rule ( guild ), Looting ( my way ), double loging, can ball off a clift and Codes.

    1. Rule ( guild )

    as you all know that ive told you the ruels already but ive aded a few in so lets start from the beginin,

    1. Never cause drama in guild chat

    2. Be nice to people

    3. always be a good exsample to new memebers

    4. ask before you Teleport ( Tp ) to a other person in the guild

    5. have fun

    2. LOOTING ( MY WAY )

    my looting is great for getting legendary and famed and rare. okay go to ravens cove ( info about it be back to looting in a sec )

    ok at ravens cove go to the 4 ghosts and shoot them with a blunder bust.

    at isla tormenta go to the bridge room and at the side get you staff use fire skull and hit them all.

    for more info about looting click on this link/


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  • Lize1325


    September 1, 2013 by Lize1325

    hi guys just letting you all know that ill be happy to help with anything ok cya

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    September 1, 2013 by Lize1325

    Ahoy im just here to say that this is going to be a guild rule page its my new guild but not bad rules.

    Ok the first rule is,

    1. Never cause drama in guild chat
    2. Be nice to people
    3. always be a good exsample to new memebers

    ok punishmants.

    officer will be promoted to a veteran and need to earn officer back veteran will be promted to a memeber then if they do something else breaking the rules they will be kicked out of the guild.


    if you work hard as a member you will be promoted to a veteran and if you work hard as a veteran you will be promoted to a officer.


    right if you need any help with the Policy or help with create a Wikia account or Help:Editing or Help:Screenshots, then just leave a note on my message wall and ill help you…

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