As you all know potco is closing ik its sad but we just need to let it happend.

im puting this page up for potco to read and others im just going to say a couple of words :).

Pirates of the caribbean online we will miss all you work and good events, i love to play Pirates of the caribbean online because this is not juat a game its a realy realy good game and it makes me fell like im realy in the movie.

Pirates of the caribbean online i dont want want you to close down your the best game in the world.

all the good codes like sword seafang spectral and bloodfire they are realy good click on the links for more well i hope they show up :)

Spectral Cutlass Zombie Kabab Bayonet Heart of Padres del FuegoNemesis Blade Sword of Triton Haymaker Pistol

Darkfire Cutlass Viper's Kiss Desert Claw Black Buccaneer Hat Darkfire Cutlass Cursed Seafang Blade

500 Gold                                             Super Flatulent Fizz Jack's Brew Scoundrel Hat

  • 500 Gold (gold)
  • 1,000 Gold (loot)
  • 2,000 Gold (bounty)
  • 5,000 Gold (cinqo)              ok Pirates of the caribbean online you have did so good work to this game and thank you for all the enjoyment 
  • singed by: Lize1325/molly shipmonk lvl 20
    very nice i like the job i did

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