This is how it began,

One day a man called roger met a man called captian jack sparrow.

"what are you looking at" said roger

"the horizon" said jack

"Any way im roger"

"Im jack sparrow would you like to come and so some sailing with me"?

"sure" said roger

( cannons shooting at ships)

one day roger and jack took the chalenge to be a pirate lord then jack won!

"im sorry roger its just a title" said jack

"i want it i want it you shall pay for this day sparrow" said roger

One day roger and jack made up and went for a game of poker.

"I WON" cheered jack

the next minute jolly roger had magic and killed hundreds of people and he became a skeleton!

he named it the undead and he went around making a skeleton army!

and he went hunting after jack sparrow!!!!!!!

by lize1325

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