I believe there are some things we want and some things WE NEED for potco. I obviously know money has to do into this, otherwise low levels  would have WEB XD.


  • Guilds need suspensions, and banning
  1. For example:  Maxamillion has invited Pearson Wright to the guild. ( LOL ) Jason Firewalker has banned/suspended Pearson Wright for ( whatever he wanted )
  • Have a mini calender to announce whatever the guild should do that day
  1. For Example:  March 16, Material Run at 6:00!
  • Bigger Guild Cap
  • Able to make Level Caps.


  • People should be able to cancel a teleportation. ( Idea from Edward Mctimbers )


  • Able to have a Bandana and then any hat on top of that.
  1. For example: Captain Barbossa.
  • Torn up capes/jackets
  • Gloves
  • Clothes that makes skill points better ( they would be legendary lol )
  • Bigger Clothing cap ( 5 - 10 more? )


  • I'm sick of seeing the same slashing, and bashing. We need to see more ninja moves ( xD )
  • Adding more TYPE of weapons, not the same with a different name.
  • Bigger Weapon Cap


  • We should have mild language aloud, obviously a lot of us that first played in 08 are 15 + now so we kind of wish for mild language, but its a kids game for a reason.


  • More type of ships
  • Spyglasses
  • Customize and move and add cannons.
  • Further range for explosives
  • Bring back the whole when you shoot the sails, you will see the holes.


  • The only island that I believe needs to come back, is Port Royal. The old Port Royal looked like the one from the real thing ( movies ).
  • Add more spooky islands.
  • Make the quests actually interesting and let the characters talk.


  • Call me LagginCrazy, but rain, and maelstrom would be awesome, no matter what you say.
  • Waves on the shores
  • In order to make this fun make more servers so lag would be limited.

Alot of this is a want, but the Guild section is a must if you ask me.

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