I looked at a very cool blog on Nickys blog called ' Sandbox .' I saw some very cool weapons, and items.

By the way nice blog Nicky, nice and clean

I just want to talk about what you think the item or weapon could do. Lets not get to excited, but it def. can be a sign that a couple years from now there could be a M.A.J.O.R Update.


I honeslty dont see what this is for. Although i had a thought., maybe it detects the skill points of the opposing ships. That way you can figure out if you want to attack or not. I dont know, it was just a thought


I think this one is kinda clear. Materials. If we can make our own materials that would be much cooler, and faster.


I honeslty dont think we will own a animal, but it can be a animal u see at sea.

New Cannon looks

This really intrested me. I consider myself the Good Captain xD. These new cannon looks look like they could be added to your own ship, and be upgraded, and make your more powerful. Or maybe there will be new ships, that include these cannons.

Lag... Lag.... Lag....( Staves )

Yup i see ' Staves ' but, it could be a very valuable looting item, it looks like there going to be much better then what they are now.

Water Effects

I really like the drama when im sailing, so i put on some potc music from the movie. Although these waters effects look very interesting. I think these may be new effects when you sink, or maybe ' maelstorms '

Rapier, Scimitars

I think these will be cool swords, because there maybe new looks when your fighting. We've seen Broadswords, and Fencing, but its getting a little old.

Shadow Cutlass

Everyone is talking about this. It looks really cool, and its damage is cool as well, i forget though is it famed or legendary i forget.

New repeaters

Wow.... FOUR!?!? There are four repeaters guns. Thats really cool. Thats all i have to say

Ship Figureheads

I think they use to have these, but i didnt like it.

New dolls

Looting or Pvp may have just gotten cooler, or will. I think the Jolly roger dolls will make you turn into a skeleton, so you dont die for a certain amount of time. That really interested me.

Thanks, please comment and tell us what you think.

P.S. Again nice blog Nicky.

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