Ok I was just out sailing trying to see how long I could go without sinking (or getting bored), and i ended up sinking 11 hunters and 3 warshhips using a war frigate with a medium level crew (only one pirate using overpowered fury):

1 Red Dervish

4 Scorned Sirens

2 Cutter Sharks

2 Century Hawks

1 Flying Strom

1 Killyaded

3 Tally-Hos

It took about an hour and a half and I had to go between tortuga, ravens cove, devils anvil, cuba and ravens cove again in case I needed a quick getaway.

I ended up porting because A: it would take a long time to repair again, B: I was and had to go and C: i was bored.

How long have you gone?

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