I'm out. Gone.
I think the reason that so many people are leaving is the lack of variety, the recent update of SC&U made us realize the short number of activities available. So we have sailing, looting, mini games, pvp activities, invasions and hanging with friends. That's not much, personally SVS is the only thing holding me to the game. Instead of adding more activities POTCO has focused on adding to those already there, like SC&U/SOTS. BIG MISTAKE. I like all these updates, but they really aren't keeping us for long, we need something BIG, something completely new that will blow anything they had before out of the water. I think the thing that could drag in players by the thousands is being able to PLAY AS THE ENEMY, I mean, whats better than walking up to some random person and killing them? or sending some random ship to Davy Jones' Locker? This would include things like plundering other players cargo, boarding they're ships, raiding the ports, playing as the navy, EITC or Jolly Roger's minions. This mates, is what will turn this rotting rowboat of a MMORPG into a shining yacht. I could go way into to this but it deserves a whole new thread. Oh sure, it would take years, even if they started right now, bring tonnes of bugs, pretty much doubling the content, costing a fortune too, but the wait, the bugs, and everything else that comes with it would be worth it. So before you go off telling me how long it would take etc., think of the long run, not the short one, because that is the one that matters. So until then, fair winds mates, may the wind be at our sails, godspeed etc.

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