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    Alice de la Cruz

    January 31, 2014 by MattewCrossedBones

    Alice de la Cruz, full name Alice Inocencia de la Cruz, is a legendary Spanish pirate Captain, Hodoun Bokor, smuggler and Privateer operating in the Caribbean.

    Known to be perhaps the most dangerous female pirate to ever sail the haunted waters of the New World, Alice was named Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Oacen and following King of the Fifth Brethren Court by none other than the infamous Captain Walter himself.

    She’s currently at the lead of the Pirate War against Jolly Roger. By her doing, pirates achieved several outstanding victories on their undead enemies, the most remarkable of which are The Battle of Isla Perdida, the Voodoo Hex Contest and El Patron’s Lost Weapons Combat.

    Early Life

    Very little is known about Alice’s childhood, but ac…

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