• Matthew Fireskull

    Players Wiki

    October 24, 2010 by Matthew Fireskull

    So just today Pip banned me from the players wiki. I'm not for sure why tho. I said I was gonna take a break from the wiki and he somehow thought I was Nexus. He gave me a quiz to see if I was rly me. I got kinda mad and he said you got enough right, but goodbye Matthew Fireskull, i'm gonna block you. If pip reads this or another admin from that wiki, Why did you guys block me? I was annoyed with the fact Pip kept saying I was Nexus. So if ANYONE from the Players Wiki reads this PLEASE tell me why you guys blocked me. I'm not trying to spam but just like Warhawk 1 I need to tell the players wiki this and I can't because I was blocked.

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