Maxwell Murlock

aka Maxxy

  • I live in The United States of America
  • My occupation is playin' POTCO
  • I am Male
  • Maxwell Murlock

    NEW guild, Zealous

    January 22, 2012 by Maxwell Murlock

    'Ello chaps! I am making a guild for fun on my third pirate. The guild name is Zealous. I am trying out the give-out-your-invitation-code-and-hope-people-show-up method. So, the code is FLCV8953. First 10 to enter the code get the title of Officer. After the first 10 apply, I will make another code for the new invites. I hope people will join! Haha!

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  • Maxwell Murlock

    So Ive been around the Caribbean a while now, and I've been in plenty of guilds. I've even been in McRaging. I havent seen them around lately! They have been in the top guilds for a long time now, but they seem to be dying down. Or maybe im wrong... I havent been in touch with any Mcraging members for a long time. They were once the most recognized guild around, and now I cant even recognize their existence. What happened? Anybody know any people who might know of people getting involved with anything they are going? Cool. Thanks guys.

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  • Maxwell Murlock

    Discontinued Items such as old embellished vests and colored Denim Highwaters are every rare in this era of Pirates Online. Some weapons, such as the Cursed Seafang Blade, Darkfire Cutlass, and the Sword of Triton will most likely never make another appearance in-game. They have turned in collector items and items to keep pride in your pirates stash. What Discontinued items do you have? How many colored embellished vests do you have lying in your inventory? Do you have any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pirates with old original post-2008 Create-A-Pirate clothing options? Like Dark Archive's GM, Jason Firewalker's red Dingy Long Coat? Comment with Pictures, Notes, and anything relating to Discontinued Items! I would also love to see some screenshots (if…

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  • Maxwell Murlock

    Just for fun, lemme know what you guys think.

    So... what ARE the best looting places to go to?

    What places give the best loot?

    Different kinds of loot?

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