Discontinued Items such as old embellished vests and colored Denim Highwaters are every rare in this era of Pirates Online. Some weapons, such as the Cursed Seafang Blade, Darkfire Cutlass, and the Sword of Triton will most likely never make another appearance in-game. They have turned in collector items and items to keep pride in your pirates stash. What Discontinued items do you have? How many colored embellished vests do you have lying in your inventory? Do you have any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pirates with old original post-2008 Create-A-Pirate clothing options? Like Dark Archive's GM, Jason Firewalker's red Dingy Long Coat? Comment with Pictures, Notes, and anything relating to Discontinued Items! I would also love to see some screenshots (if anybody has any) of the old Creat-A-Pirate!!! The good ole days.....  :( MaxwellMurlock Talk

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