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  • Mcharshy

    Need For Testing?

    August 20, 2012 by Mcharshy

    To start testing, you need to be an Unlimited Access member. Use your original Pirates Online Account to login while you are a member.

    Usually Unlimited Access Members need to signup here. But a better way is to download the Test Launcher directly as you woudn't have to go through the process of verification and geting through your email. These are the downloads for the Test Launchers are located here. I cannot write the downloads here as the ending of the link cannot be written in the blog because of a Spam Filter, so this is the link to an old page where the link was located.

    When you have started testing you can still play in Pirates Online Test through the Test Launcher even if you don't have membership or have been banned.

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  • Mcharshy

    I see you all are working on clothing and all, and Midhav asked me to post this list of garb and tattoos, etc. to help you. Speedway Master found it and it isn't formatted. Some of these are released and some aren't

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  • Mcharshy

    Ghost Sword

    January 2, 2011 by Mcharshy

    One day I was playing pirates online, I got a "Ghostly Sword" with a special cursed fire power! See, I first reached raven's cove and I took out my sword and ran to the fire bats, on my way I noticed my sword was translucent and some time glowed green! The ghost sword, I think,is a translucent sword, which some times turns more opaque, or more transparent. It mostly turns green or grey, or it matches with the environment. When it's green, it also has "fire sparkles" which is like cursed fire. But cursed fire is also there near the sweep and all. There are even different moves!(it's not written the name of the move, but my guess is slash and hack is there.) When I go to the bottom right of the screen, in the weapons list, I don't see any pictu…

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  • Mcharshy

    Jobs on the wiki

    October 4, 2010 by Mcharshy


    I have a suggestion for the wiki, It would be nice to have Jobs for the wiki, so it would let the users do the type of things they would like to do. Example- Like you see RobinYerloot is making alot of galleries, so he can have a particular job to make alot of galleries.

    Few of the jobs include- More Jobs To Be Added

    Image adding and Photoshop Editing
    Gallery Making
    Template Making

    Users have to be nominated by admins, after being nominated they should tell what job(s) that they are good at. These rules are the same rules for obtaining adminship. More jobs need to be added or suggested so please tell any job that is good for the wiki.

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  • Mcharshy

    Gallery of Fan Art

    September 23, 2010 by Mcharshy

    Hey do ye guys like wat i made? I cut out a pic of a pickaxe of NPC's from Potco Phase Files. I know it looks edited but any way do you all have fan art? please post them in the comments. I also made a jolly walking image

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