More pics coming, if i can figure out how to do the glitch!

One day I was playing pirates online, I got a "Ghostly Sword" with a special cursed fire power! See, I first reached raven's cove and I took out my sword and ran to the fire bats, on my way I noticed my sword was translucent and some time glowed green! The ghost sword, I think,is a translucent sword, which some times turns more opaque, or more transparent. It mostly turns green or grey, or it matches with the environment. When it's green, it also has "fire sparkles" which is like cursed fire. But cursed fire is also there near the sweep and all. There are even different moves!(it's not written the name of the move, but my guess is slash and hack is there.) When I go to the bottom right of the screen, in the weapons list, I don't see any picture of a sword which I am using!

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