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  • Midhav

    I thought I'd put this up here. It closed about 5 minutes ago

    Unfortunately I hadn't made it because my launcher was downloaded

    Fair winds to all ye people I know and of course, don't know.

    And celebrate the International Talk Like a Pirate as you may!

    - Lord Midhav 19:17, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Midhav

    My GM informed us all from a social networking site that PotCo just might remove its desktop launcher and keep it to the browser. I really can't understand what he's saying with all the lack of punctuation, but there is definitely an urge to send our pleas to against this move:

    !!! VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL !!! OK mates this is something that is really important if you play Pirates of the Caribbean Online and will affect us all so really really really we all have to get involved in this PLEASE ... Today I noticed that there was no longer a POTCO Download (also known on there end as Launcher) and hey that sounds like no big deal right? ... WRONG it is a very big deal as soon you will only be able to log onto the …

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  • Midhav

    Hint at Next Update

    December 28, 2010 by Midhav

    I was just going through the Phase Files (phase_2), and I found this GUI palette. It just sneaked into the files with the previous update. A bunch of skulls and icons, something to do with being infamous I believe. And what's more is that I can see one of the icons along with the Lookout GUI images.

    But as last year has shown, December might not even have an update. They MIGHT postpone it to either Jan or Feb

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  • Midhav

    Here is what PotCo's Member Services had for me when I asked on whether Walter truly died and about the "Evil Curse of Doom".

    Ahoy Midhav,
    Thank you for your interest in the comings and goings of the Caribbean.
    Unfortunately, it is true, the great Captain Walter died at the hands of Ezekiel Rott. So far, no formal punishment has been enacted upon him, as he claims he won an honorable duel against the Captain. Of course, there are no witnesses to substantiate this claim, and the Marceline Guild pursues him at every opportunity. In the absence of Captain Walter, his best mate Xavier Hench has stepped forward to lead the Guild.
    In regards to you other question, we cannot say for sure why Pirates have developed such a keen interest in their hands…

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  • Midhav

    I, Midhav (bureaucrat) nominate GamerPerson for the post of Rollback.

    GamerPerson has made 851 revisions from his registered account sicne July 16 2010, and with the unregistered account he made 6 months before he registered, the total edit count crosses 1000.

    • Added loading screens to all Locations' pages
    • Renamed most of the enemy ship articles as seen in-game
    • Came up with the idea of icons on pages.
    • Made many weapon pages with sources from other sites.
    • Fixed with weapons' templates when the new weapons system came out
    • Created Broadsword and Sabre skill combo articles.
    • Found out levels of Undead Captains and Powder Keg Runners.
    • Generally, he's a user who's been editing on a daily basis for a pretty long while in this wiki (logging in for 2 hours in…

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