I was just going through the Phase Files (phase_2), and I found this GUI palette. It just sneaked into the files with the previous update. A bunch of skulls and icons, something to do with being infamous I believe. And what's more is that I can see one of the icons along with the Lookout GUI images.

It seems that whatever-this-is (a new type of PvP thing?) will be the most immediate update. Forget the Evil Curse of Doom, New Ships and Pets for now says I. Even the Rapiers, Dark Blades, Epees, Boarding Axes and Spyglasses! I think that all of those will take more time to come. OR we can hope that whatever-these-new-icons-are-related-to will be a side update to another big one. What do you think?

But as last year has shown, December might not even have an update. They MIGHT postpone it to either Jan or Feb

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